Marketing Strategy for spectacular school growth.

 Are you a school owner that is looking for more students enrollment. Then this article is for you. If you have been looking for a way to increase your school\’s awareness, then read this. The point highlighted below are to be considered when improving students enrollment. 


1. Good environment. School owners should understand that the days when parents just drop their children anywhere for learning without considering the nature of the environment is gone. Therefore, for any school to experience rapid growth your learning environment most be good looking and attractive. I tell you without even telling people some parent will willfully bring their children there for learning, because, he/she will believe there will be safety in such place. For example, cement both wall and floor, and add pint and images to the wall.


2. Visibility: You should also take this seriously, because anything that is not visible means it does not exist as far as people are concern, even though when you thought you are there. How do I become visible? 

A. You have to print very attractive banners that can be used to draw people attention and also direct them to your location. 

B. Ensure that the banners are placed in a strategical area where there is high concentration of people. 

C. Print hand bills or stickers and distribute everywhere. 


3. Know you target customers: Your work is made easier when you can identify the rights audience. There is a high possibility that these set of people will have interest in your services or product. As a Primary school owner, parents and guidance that have kids and children from age 1 to 10 may likely be your best target and potential customers.


4. Go online: This is internet and digital age, where average person/parent are regularly online. This is the reason you most register your school online. 


A. Create Social Media Presence: As at now with the level social media has grows to, any business, products, service, organization or institution whose presence is not social media is almost considered invisible, inactive or non-exist one. This platform includes; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. From research, it was discovered that the platform with largest number of people\’s engagement is the social media. It allows you to share Ideas, opinions, business, pictures, videos and documents online for free to millions of people.


B. Own a website: A website is your online and google school. It\’s makes you visible and accessible to larger numbers of people both locally and internationally. Website and social media are channel to boost your school awareness beyond boundary.


C. Use SMS. SMS is school management system, that allows good and adequate interaction between parents, students and school administration. It also helps school to have proper documentation of their student\’s data information and day to day activities. Furthermore, it makes students enrollment easy as parent or students can register admission form online at their convenient time. The school can take statistic of their student enrollment and engagement by using SMS. 

5. Environmental Survey: You will need to know the nature of your environment/community and the kind of people around you. This will go long way to know how to approach them and to convince them that you have the best for them. This also will help you to identify their area of interest in times of school they want their children to attend.


6. Local Campaign: After taking your survey, you can also go out as a team to canvass your potential parents by distributing your flyers. This will create massive awareness about your school. 


7. Good Treatment: If you want more students take good and proper care of the few you have, they will serve as the references to attract others. You see, parent when they discover that the children from your school are always neat and are more brilliant than their children attending other school, before you know it, they are already enrolled in your school.


8. Good Communication skill: This is very important as the way we address parent whether those with us or not will determine whether they will or not consider your school good and safe for their children to be. So, make sure both staffs and most especially immediate societies are in good order with each other’s.


9. STEM/STEAM: STEM is acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. While STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. These are curriculum of new study to build up students to be creative and productive thereby making them becoming problem solvers. What effect will this have on your school growth? These subjects are new but I can tell you that many parents are looking for school that offer them, unfortunately, such school are rare in our country. This will be a huge advantage to any school that offers, because it will be a force of interest that will attract rapid increase in new students’ enrollment.


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