ABOUT US Hephzibah Edutech is a dedicated technology company focused on promoting educational institutions through branding, marketing and technology. Our goal is to increase student enrolment, engagement, better and brand awareness for our clients. We achieve this by developing professional and irresistible brand awareness, digital marketing and Technology integration into learning. OUR MISSION

Our aim is to make all learning institution in Africa embrace technology to advance teaching.   We are also on a mission to raise young innovators and engineers by implementing STEM/STEAM education, tech training, and so on. We hope to raise 1 million young engineers in the next 10 years. 


We work with schools of all sizes, be it start up, developing or developed. There is always a space for everyone, we are ready to take up any challenge and work with your budget. We allow you focus on other part of the running of your school while handle the technology and branding aspect.

We work around the clock to make sure we deliver on time. You have the direct access to us. We leverage our talent, creativity and innovations to provide you the best strategy that gives you an edge over your competitors, this is achieved by reducing management costs and creating ease with technology.

Our team of creatives help you promote your brand in a way that suites you, we work based on your objectives by drafting a unique solution plan. We are inspired by change, passionate about technology how it can be adapted into the educational system to improve better learning.


Hephzibah Edutech is a digital educational service that handles different needs of the

parties under the same platform and is intended to provide synchronization and alignment.

Decision Making in school is a difficult task on its own, managing students and Teachers data is another cumbersome task. However, with our school management system, school management is not only easier but accurate and comprehensive. A streamlined system that helps improve the communication between the school management, teachers, parent and students.

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. It is a new Subject that help student to be creative and solve problems. The four subjects are thought in an integrated manner giving students the opportunity to explore their intellectual capability.   We achieve this by teaching the students computing and technology.

Your school’s website design isn’t the only thing that’ll help keep your admissions funnel full. You attract prospective students by executing a complete digital marketing strategy specifically made for educational institutions. You drive traffic to your website by creating content that suites your target audience and publicizing your website.

A school without a website is short changing herself and losing lots of opportunities. Having a website is imperative for your relevance and marketing, an avenue for creating awareness. At Hephzibah Edutech, we understand these problems and solve them with professionalism, with over seven years of experience you can count on us for a quality job.

We provide professional development in-person and online through workshops and coaching. We work closely with our clients to develop strategies and drive change. We provide training and expert consultation on the use of technologies for educational use in a variety of settings such as face-to-face, blended, online including mobile, and for use in reaching underserved audiences.

Classroom and mobile computing is becoming more and more prevalent as technology advances and becomes more accessible.  The 21st century classroom is now becoming a technology rich environment and our learners are used to having this technology available to them at all times both inside and outside of the classroom. At Hephzibah Edutech, we provide you with this learning materials.

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