5 Crucial Ways To Grow Your School

5 Ways To Grow Your School

Crucial Steps To Make That Happen


  1. Reconsider Your Marketing Execution.

Just like Christmas is the high traffic season for retail, January is the high season for school admissions. Google Trends shows that online search interest in private schools typically peaks in January/February (with August coming in close second). Now is the time to take action and get your school in front of a wide audience!


This year, look critically at ways that you can build trust with new audiences. The old stalwarts of traditional advertising no longer make the cut for today’s discerning parents, especially with such an emotional and crucial decision as their child’s education. Effectively wielding social media, SEO, and strong online content that CONVERTS your visitors is key to ensuring your school admissions marketing efforts materialize into on-site visits and applications received.

  1. Out-Sourcing Strategies.

This involves the use of external consultants (this is where we come in) who will not empathize like the school owners, because the hustle of running a school is time consuming with maintaining order among staff, students and parents, stationery suppliers etc. the truth is, proprietors are busy. Hence they should engage the services of school consultants and not educationists…

For every school owner or anyone who knows someone who owns a school. Lets meet here and share thought…as I shall be helping proprietors unlock the potentials in their school business

3. Best The Retain. 

Retention of effective teachers is also a vital characteristic of a visionary school administrator. Evidence shows that there are a number of factors that influence teachers’ decision to leave the profession such as workload and pupil behavior, etc. With a committed leader overseeing affairs of the school, these issues can easily be taken care of.

As a school administrator, do not compromise quality. Moreover, put measures in place to increase the chance of retaining your best teachers. Having a teachers’ Annual Appraisal is a necessity. Among other things, it takes care of incompetent teachers. Also, remove all unnecessary bureaucracy that could divert teachers away from delivering high quality education.

  1. Get Licensed & Accredited.

Students do their homework– before they enroll, they will research your school alongside the other schools they are considering before making a final decision. One important factor in their decision is whether or not your school is properly licensed and accredited. Students care about the perceived value of attending a school that is compliant and recognized by industry regulators, and consequently, whether or not their credits will transfer to their next destination, or if their credential earned (certificate, diploma or degree) is recognized by their industry. Hephzibah Edutech provides comprehensive compliance consulting services to schools of all makes & models, no matter where you are in your operations.

  1. Recognize a Teacher of the Month

How: The teacher of the month will be voted on by the faculty. Each teacher who wins the award will receive recognition in the paper, their own personal parking space for the month, a $50 gift card to the mall, or a $25 gift card for a nice restaurant.

Why: This will allow individual teachers to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to education. It will mean more to that individual since they were selected by their peers.


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