21st Century Learning Materials

21st Century Learning Materials


Classroom and mobile computing is becoming more and more prevalent as technology advances and becomes more accessible.  The 21st century classroom is now becoming a technology rich environment and our learners are used to having this technology available to them at all times both inside and outside of the classroom. The 21st century is a time of rapid change, and while the brain may not be changing (much), the tools we use to feed it are.This puts the 21st century teacher in a critical spot–of mastering constantly evolving technology and digital learning tools–the same tools their students use every day.

The 21st century learners have come a long way.Today’s learner is self-motivated and has access to unlimited information, and in this case, it becomes imperative for educators to be aware of the exponential growth of ICT of which education and teaching learning have become an un-avoidable part.Technology has become an integral part of the education process in this technological era. Facilitators should strongly believe that our future growth relies on innovation skills and productivity. The 21st century instructional tools have made their way into almost all the spheres of education. 

However, ICT in the classroom requires students and educators to be taught how and when to use technology as a tool appropriately and safely. One such effective tool is the smart white board where information is presented in exciting and engaging manner creatively with motivating outcomes. Students are exposed to various educational websites, audio, visual clips resulting in comprehensive learning. A variety of activities are provided to cater to different kinds of interactive learners. Internet, blogs, virtual classrooms enhance the knowledge and understanding of pupils.

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